Our Management

Firoz Ahmed
President & CEO
Graduate & Post Graduate in Political Science (Dhaka University)
Graduate Diploma in Apparel Merchandising

Having 22 years of rich experience in the apparel industries in the different international buying house, Liaison and garments factories:
1. Country Manager , DTO Bangladesh Liaison office

2. Executive Director, Marketing & Merchandising , Buying House department in Primordial Group,

3. Merchandising Manager, Fashion Museum Limited.

4. Merchandising Manager, Holywood Garments Limited.

5. Senior Merchandiser, Ruhila Garments Limited.

6. Catered, Sourced and Manufactured for world most of the branded customer like:
  a. USA: USPA, Wal-Mart, GAP, JC Penney, Target, PVC etc.
  b. Europe: H&M, C&A, KIK, Okaidi, Orchestra, NKD, Tom Tailor, Puntoroma, Cortifiel , Bel & Bo, Go Sports, Paul Alfons 

7. Rehbein GmbH, Santex Moden GmbH, Jomo Fashion etc.
8. Professional exposure in the field of apparels, administration, Human Resource, Social Compliance, Marketing,

9. Sourcing, Capacity Management, Product Development, Product Costing, Merchandising, Production, Quality 

10. Assurance, Commercial, Shipping and Managing Suppliers.

11. Being a local person know local supply chain, suppliers as well as the local culture.
12. Honest, Sincere, passionate, hardworking, willing to learn.1

Russel Talukder
Country Director (Belgium Office)
Cell : +32 486 13 8957