Groovy Profile

Groovy Collection is the Apparels and Fashion sourcing networks with twelve years of experience in connecting Bangladeshi factories to its customers all around the world. The company consists of expert and professional merchandising and quality control team with its excellent sourcing strength, the professionals always maintain quality assurance, flawless customer services of the company. Our products are sold in many countries worldwide.

Who We Are

Our team of garments professional keeps an eye on the A to Z process in order to achieve the quality and on time shipment schedule along with sourcing accurate material from the right skilled concern in all aspects of production. Our motto is to provide best and conclusive services to customers for sourcing of materials, placement of orders and random inspection during the production independently with the factory management.

The company is strong in resourcing of fabric and accessories in China, India, Pakistan, Taiwan and Korea. In Bangladesh we have more than fifty reputed associate manufacturers who are doing all kind of woven, knit and sweaters items. All these factories are well reputed and have the world famous customers certificate ( ACORD, Wrap, Sedex, BSCI) as like as Wal mart, H&M, C & A, Target, PVH, Aldi, Lidl, Carrifour, Tesco, Wool Worths customers approval . We never work with that kind of factory who are not approved from such a big customer. Since the very beginning it is our company policy. As we believe in world class garment quality and on time shipment with reasonable price.

Collection Design

The main purpose of Groovy’s design team: to challenge your ideas of fashion to set up a collection that will inspire and spark up yours. Doing so, our creativities are constantly screening the international fashion scene to keep track of the latest trends around the globe.

In depth research of the latest trend, concept, colours and new quality attending fashion fair regular travel to fashion capitals.  Continuously sourcing new designs and possibilities in the factories.  Developing a Men’s, Ladies and Kids collection to inspire you and at yours challenge.

Meeting the Client

The collection’s main ideas are outlined and presented to the client with samples and mood-boards. During that meeting our creatives lay out Groovy’s vision, and see where it merges with the customer’s needs. Items at interest are selected and adjusted where needed, and a price-offer is made. Regular visits to the client’s stores around the world make sure our design team keeps tuned in closely with its products and concept.


Our Team  are ideally located to select the most suited factory in terms of technique, cost-efficiency and punctuality. Once the production of an order is started,  Groovy  quality controllers are on location every day to supervise production and guarantee the very best quality. Also our merchandisers are travel to factories on a regular basis to ensure a smooth production process, further enforce partnerships and keep an eye on the working conditions to make happy to our worthy clients.

Delivering Quality Goods

While a final inspection done, the required quality control certificates are issued and the order is ready for shipment. Delivering quality means doing it right when no one is looking. The precision and devotion underlying all previous stages of the process now become tangible in custom-made clothing of impeccable quality that is delivered smoothly and on time to all our worthy clients.